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I lived in this building recently. The entire building has bed bugs, and the management does nothing about it. The building needs a lot more than to be just sprayed. When I lived here I had all new furniture, which I had to end up throwing out when I moved out. Pretty much everyone in the building is aware of the bed bug problem, however management does not seem to be concerned about the problem whatsoever.

So it's now October 2014 and basically like everyone else is saying, this place has bed bugs and they aren't taking the necessary steps to eradicate. I have them in my place. They have sprays twice and I keep seeing even more and like everyone is saying, they are only here for a few minutes and then leave. They don't even spray the whole building. I am probably going to move out because I doubt this will be solved. This has been happening for at least five years now according to all of the repor

ts. It is cheaper rent and the apartments are nice actually. The person before me broke his lease so that should of been a warning sign

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In response to Management's response in early 2012, the bed bug problem has absolutely not been handled or taken care of. I moved in to this apartment in Septemeber, 2012 and had to break my lease and move out just three months later, December, 2012, due to a bed bug infestation in my apartment. Management was not helpful whatsoever and gave me bandaid solutions that would indeed not eliminate the problem long term. The exterminator I called on my own was disgusted with the unit and could not be

lieve we had been living in those circumstances. From speaking to our neighbors, we found out the unit directly below us had had them twice. They reoccurred after having the same "bandaid solution" we were instructed to do. Another neighbor informed us exterminators were just exterminating them from one apartment and essentially pushing them in to the next. He explained the bed bug problem had been going from front to back and back to front, one apartment from another. Not only was management awful in handling the situation but our landlord was extremly unhelpful and rude during the process. It took us taking him to small claims court for us to terminate our lease. Worst living experience I have ever had or even heard of. Do NOT move in to this building!

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I currently live in this building and discovered bed bugs in my unit. I contacted management and they immediately sent someone into fumigate the bugs. It's a process that includes 3 sprayings every 2 weeks. The bugs have not returned and management did an awesome job taking care of the situation. If you find them in your unit, don't hesitate, let them know immediately.

An update from Management 2012
We would like to address the past posts regarding bed bugs and assure visitors of the Bedbug Registry that we have taken the appropriate steps to eradicate these pests from our community. Over the course of about 2 ½ years we received few complaints that residents had bedbugs in their respective units. Our approach to these concerns is always proactive. Due to the timeline of the bedbug lifecycle we know that it is extremely important that we schedule subseq

uent and appropriate treatments until the issue is resolved. By providing our residents with instructions regarding the extermination process during which we treat adjacent apartments and common areas, we are confident that there is no longer a problem. Our communities have sound bedbug policies in place, trained staff and experienced pest controllers on hand, if and when a situation arises. We continue to educate our team on these pests and their habits and encourage our residents to communicate any concerns they may have in the future.
Thank you.

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The whole building has bed bugs! I've lived in the building for about 8 months and have been hearing things from neighbors. Despite being a very clean person, I found one in my place. They were good about sending out pest control, but treating one unit at a time is doing NOTHING for the problem! It's a big problem and I am now moving and hoping that none of the little guys follow me!!! Yikes!

I lived at the Skylark apartments for about a year and a half starting around late 2007. I started dating this guy around April of 08, and he would stay over every now and then. One day i came home to find him covered in bug bites that were instantly swelling to the size of a goose egg. I called the management who were these two ladies that could careless when i called them about the issue. They said they would call me later that day with an update about sending a guy out. Never happened. They a

dmitted that the guy below me had them and now i had them. Then to top it off, after having the bug man come and spray only 2 times, i decided after 2 brand new mattresses that it was time to move. Moved out in May of 09 and when i was expecting my $600.00 deposit back since i left that apartment cleaner than when i moved in, they sent me a bill for $125.00 saying i didnt give them notice and that they had to replace their 5 year old carpet. I told them to take me to court but with these ladies i knew they were slum lords and would loose the second they opened their mouths. Advice, DO NOT MOVE HERE!!! REGARDLESS if they are under new management. I had 3 different managers in my year and a half of living in the pile of dung.

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i just found bed bugs in my apartment last night. i found out there was bugs in the building a couple of months ago when i saw a girl from the basement apartment below me drying everything she owned. i confronted the apartment manager about this and he said they were taking care of it. i haven't seen the girl since. i asked the guy if they had ever seen bed bugs in the building when i moved in. he said no. yeah....

my child's father lives in this apartment building. he neglected to tell me that the building was infested despite my numerous inquiries into why our son came home from overnights with rashes that looked pretty consistent with bedbug bites. i have a fairly thorough knowledge of the little devils since i have been fighting a losing battle with them at my job-a group home for boys which has been infested for going on two years now. so long story short, the bugs were transmitted from my

son's dad's place (skylark apartments) to my house. once an apartment (or group home as is my situation) gets infested every apartment/room must be treated regularly and thoroughly otherwise it is a lost cause. bedbugs are evil and incredibly difficult to get rid of once they have engrained themselves in your house/apartment. a few words to the wise-check this listing before renting an apartment and, as with a std, disclose your infestation so that others may use more caution...had my son's dad been straightforward with me i could have taken more precautions and not spent my weekend laundering everything in our bedrooms, spraying the bedframes down with poison (goodnight which is available at Ace Hdwre), and bleaching our mattresses.

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Never live here...ever. Bed bugs and terrible management.

I live in Skylark apartments which is part of Rozenboom and Company at 1200 Pearl St Denver Co. 3 months ago I found bedbugs in my apartment and reported it to them in which they sprayed the building with one chemical around the baseboards only. They where here for about 45 seconds. This did nothing. I found more bugs days later. When I called again that week they brought another guy out who did a more through job but only sprayed my apartment. Again one day later I found more. The manger of my

apartment told me that the decision to spray the whole building had to be made by the company manager. No preventive measures, and only the a least costly action to solve a major problem. I am going to lose a $1000 mattress that is less than a year old and probably most of my other padded furniture due to this. Where are the tenant rights, we pay a lot for clean safe housing and my rent check is always on time.

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