1272 Pennsylvania St
Denver, CO 80203-2506

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Lived in this building for 2 years and no one mentioned the bed bug problem. Upon coming back from vacation my aparment had become infested and had to find out the hard way. After a night of being bitten, the next day I informed the leasing woman and was told that someone would come spray and that I had to throw out anything that could not be sprayed and to wash anything that could handle high temps. I did not know the building had a problem until the exterminator asked if the problem had gone a

way across the hall. I then gave my notice and moved. That was four years ago. I have just learned that the land lord reported that I abandoned the apartment and that appeared as an eviction. Lies! Shame on this building and its land lord. Do not rent there! They are liers and could care less about the infestation because as I look on this site it is evident that they know of the problem.

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you want to kill bedbugs? ddummy,don't use bleach- ammonia is the ONLY thing i found that actually kills them dead- nothing lives in ammonia and they breathe through thier legs karin wrape,970-726-9695 i got a lot of little things that i know make life easier, got a problem? don't hurt to ask !!! karin

I moved in 1 month ago and have had room sprayed twice.The bedbugs STILL swarm out at night I will be withholding the rent until this problem goes away and I suggest everyone living here does the same.

Since the report of 8/05/08,the aforementioned landlady has been making a reasonable effort to control these pests,including the retention of a pest control company which sprays different sections of the building each month. However, in addition to it being a real hassle to have to move everything away from the walls, and to have to go to the laundrymat to wash bedclothes on a work day, I don't think there has been much success in this effort. Three days after my room was treated, I found and ki

lled another half dozen bugs, and I'm still getting bit two weeks later. (The only time I don't seem to get bit while sleeping is when I go to bed drunk! I think they're allergic to alcohol.) When I first moved into this building sixteen years ago, roaches were the problem. I'm not so sure I wouldn't rather have the roaches.

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Every apsrtment is infested and the owner is not willing to pay an exterminator to come in and spray. She claims it would cost her too much money. She insists that her assistant use bleach and steam to kill them. She's rich, but does not want to spend the money.



moved into new apartment=saw bug crawling on wall and next door neighbor told me that the building is infested, that housekeeping uses bleach but it doesn\'t work. Neighbor uses ant-spray.

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