1250 Logan St
Denver, CO 80203-2415

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Live here currently, and have been for the past year. Never had any issue with bed bugs (knocking on wood as I type)

Summer 2007- I lived at this property during the time when a basement dweller who had lived there for 20+ years passed away. While the property was being moved out, the bugs from his apartment started to spread. I had my apt. sprayed and had no problems after, but the mgmt. made no offer to assist.

Had to get rid of my bed and boxsprings last night due to eggs being laid on one corner of my bed. They are extremely small and went undiscovered since the infested corner was up against a wall. Management says it will be about a week before they can get anyone in to treat our apartment. A week! We can\'t afford a hotel so we will be staying with a friend till we can find another place to live. I just hope we don\'t take any bed bugs with us.

I have lived here long enough to know that the Limited Liablity Corportation known as "Tim O'Connell and Associates LLC" and/or managment of 1250 LOGAN STREET, aka "The Lori", are unable to remove the bedbugs despite what must be their best efforts.

When I move I will have to wash or dry clean all clothes I intend to keep. I will also have to get rid of my bed and furniture to make sure this is a problem that does not follow me away from 1250 LOGAN STREET (The LORI).

By the way, I have l

ittle concern for a litigious landlord as this is well documented by myself and other tenants of 1250 LOGAN STREET (The LORI).

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Bedbugs have been found since at least 2008. It is now February of 2009 and there is an infestation.

Reposted from an earlier report which was under the wrong address.

1250 Logan Street Denver, Co 80203. Just moved in and a month later fund two bed bugs. Inspected the rest of the mattress and box spring. Couldn't find anymore. Never had a bed bug in my life.

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