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The landlord had exterminators come and check for bedbugs about a week or so ago. They said there were none in my apartment, however, I've had bedbugs before (I'm extremely allergic) and decided to check my bed to make sure. I found 3 bugs in my bed.

I called the management company and they told me that there was a suspected infestation above me, and he made it seem as though they didn't treat or think it was bad because they didn't find live bugs. They did find casings and

such...sure signs of infestation. So they wandered to my apartment. Now the management company is having my apartment sprayed in two days...but if they would have warned us that there were bedbugs in the building, then I could have spread diatomaceous earth around to help prevent infestation.

I would just like to note that in my previous experience with bedbugs...there was a two year infestation and nobody noticed except for me because of my extreme reaction to the bites. The infestation was so bad they had to rip up carpet and tear down walls. In that infestation I could never find a bug...no matter how hard I tried. To find 3 so easily makes me wonder how bad the infestation of our building is.

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