1235 Logan St
Denver, CO 80203-2414

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I find it completely RIDICULOUS and SELFISH that someone would not report an infestation to the management. There are MANY other units in our building...did you ever stop to think that this could spread because you are too lazy to make one simple phone call?

Considering the amount of bed bug infestations in Denver and the amount that are not handled correctly, I appreciate RHP spraying the entire building last fall.

I cannot fathom why anyone would be upset at the preventative measure

s they have taken.

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Our building was treated last year. I still find live bugs and molts every now and then. I don't feel like going through the hassle of bagging up and moving all my furniture for another round of treatment so I haven't bothered to contact management about it.

I have left numerous messages for the management inquiring about this and have had no reply other than quasi-authoritative and condescending written notices.

The entire building is being treated despite the fact that there are no signs of bugs in my unit, nor any others on my floor, yet ALL residents of this building have been forced to comply with the tremendous inconvenience of the entire building being soaked with toxic, ineffective chemicals with less than a week's notice.

What if I ha

d been on vacation? Would they simply douse the building in neurotoxins without notifying me? Is my $775 per month not enough money to make a phone call? What if I had a dog?

This isn't a warning about bed bugs, folks. This is a warning that you should avoid this building and all other Round Hill Pacific properties. If it's not one excuse, it's another... but when it comes to what they want: CLEAR A PATH OR ELSE.

Say again: Avoid.

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People keep throwing out all their things in the dumpsters in the alley. The apartment management company is having the whole building treated. I have not found one bug in my apartment but no signs that they have been here long.

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