1250 Sherman St
Denver, CO 80203-2209

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930 E. 18th Ave. Denver, CO 80218 Early infestation in my apartment. I first noticed the bedbugs 11 days ago: the stairwell and wall to enter my building and another apartment were INFESTED. Bugs were in my apartment biting the residents and visible starting four days ago. Notified landlord of situation from day 1 (11 days ago) in person to the manager, letter in mail slot, voicemail and text message and received no response to date by any means.

I moved into my apartment in March of 2007. In July I had my first encounter with bed bugs. I had to throw out my bed, cloths, pillows, etc. They had my unit sprayed but the exterminator said they wouldn't gaurentee the spray because my management company decided do it unit by unit and not the entire building. So I have been sleeping on an inflatable mattress and have been wary on buying any new things. I'm glad now because in December I found another bed bug. I had my apartment sprayed ag

ain but I do not recommend living here it has been nothing but a headache.

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