1160 Sherman St
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After many tenants complained and landlord sprayed individual apartments, bites were still happening. Finally, the landlord fumigated the entire building, including the building he owns next door. It has been several months since the building-wide fumigation, and I have not had one bite. The landlord would never fully admit it was bed bugs, but he was at least willing to take care of the issue. I will not be leaving these apartments. Bed bugs are all over the city, and most landlords will make Y

OU pay for fumigation or simply do not care. My landlord's willingness to help puts him above and beyond in my book.

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I found one by the grace of God back in October. It was about 12:30am and I was watching TV in my bedroom, I got up to go to the bathroom and saw it crawling across the sheets toward me.

I contacted the landlord and he came by the next day to spray pesticide. I haven't seen one since and I've found numerous dead spiders all over the apartment, presumably from the pesticide.

I search around my bed and through my room and apartment almost daily. I've found no other signs of them and h

ave no bites, but it's a constant, ongoing fear. I'm glad I found this site but I'm now terrified of my apartment building. :(

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Have been getting bit for over a month. Talked to other tenants who have reported the same issue. The building manager lied when confronted, giving tenants the same line that the "building hasn't had issues and they are the first." He sprayed the bedroom, but it sounds like its not going to help since the bugs are in the walls, and I've even seen two in the kitchen before.

He is unwilling to admit its an issue, and thus it will continue to be a problem as it will never be fully adressed.

DO NOT MOVE IN HERE, unless you are willing to have to destroy all your furniture as it is ruined by this infestation.

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Bed bugs bites all over! Complaints from multiple tenants. Landlord states this is a new problem, is taking steps to eradicate, and is cooperating fully.

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