1424 Pearl St
Denver, CO 80203-2014

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Letter to the apartment owner

However, I do have increasingly significant issues with this ongoing problem of bed bug infestation.

My first concern is the lack of honest communication on your part of the infestation. You have knowingly, for years now, leased to tenants, an apartment infested with bed bugs. I have been informed by multiple sources within your complex, including Max, that this issue has existed as many as 6 years ago and the previous owner would treat the entire complex for


Furthermore, I am really not particularly impressed by your lack of effort to relay this information when I initially signed a long term lease with you. This information legally needed to be disclosed when I signed the lease and everyone that has moved in within the last year and 1/2 should have been notified about the bed bug issue. I was never notified and I would bet that people that have moved in recently have not been notified by yourself either.

Your lack of communication and attention to this SERIOUS matter is beginning to imply that this is becoming too difficult for you to manage. It is beginning to imply neglect of your tenants. I have a simple need and what I believe is a rather simple request from my land lord- to take serious affirmative action to get this resolved!

Your obvious negligence to this matter is and has seriously affected my day to day routine and made my quality of life miserable, MULTIPLE TIMES NOW. I've had to move my belongings in and out of the apartment 8+ times now, clean my entire wardrobe & my Girlfriends clothes, throw out items, and stay in hotels over Thanksgiving break because of this bed bug infestation.

From the start of this a year ago, this has cost me over a $1000 dollars and as mentioned, made my quality of life miserable. I also will not be able to stay in my apartment until the 2nd treatment on the 5th of December.
So by the time I am able to move back in, that's over 2 weeks of not being able to stay in my place. I'll let you do the math and compensate me for the time I have not been able to reside in my apartment.

I appreciate your efforts in coming to a final conclusion on a resolution and whatever it takes to make this fair for the both of us, please get it done.

Attached are comments about your apartment, dating back to 2006. None of these reports were written by me and I notified you of these blogs earlier in the year when we talked about the comments. Please realize this is a problem.


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I was first alerted to the fact that there were bed bugs in this building in November when I accidentally received notification that my apartment was being fumigated. I promptly called the manager and was told that it was the second floor that was being fumigated. This was a HUGE red flag to which I paid no attention. In hindsight, the fact that only the second floor was fumigated was negligent and downright stupid. Bed bugs travel and are resilient little beasts. I thought, however, that bed

bugs were a myth, as I have lived in Colorado for sixteen years without having encountered them.

However, my next door neighbor told me sometime in January that his apartment was infested with bed bugs and that I needed to protect myself. He urged me to contact the manager, but I didn't because I've had little sucess in getting the landlord to fix my closet or to perform any type of maintenance. Unfortunately, I didn't listen to my neighbor, who was only trying to warn me. I figured I was immune.

On January 24, 2011, I found a HUGE bed bug on my chest. I couldn't sleep and woke up itching, raised welts all over my body. I phoned my landlord to let him know that my apartment was now infested with bed bugs. The neighbor who tried to warn me moved out no less than one week before my apartment became infested. The landlord said he would call the exterminator. I have contacted my landlord three times since (it is now 2/2/2011). He said that the exterminator has not called him back. I am pretty much at my wit's end. I am staying with my boyfriend. I can't stand to go into my apartment, and I have pets. When I go into the apartment to feed and water my animals, which is psychologically traumatic, I take all of my clothes off in the hall and don't touch anything. My body is still covered in bites that develop into painful welts. I have missed one day of work because of the severity of the bites and my reaction to them. I have also spent loads of money buying new clothes to store at my boyfriend's place. Overall, I have probably spent about $200 on clothes and alternative living arrangements. Please avoid this place like the plague! Management is disinterested in resolving this problem, as well as any problems tenants may have. I am looking for another apartment and will break my lease if I must.

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First bed bug problem in the building was reported almost two years ago. Bed bugs continue to wander from apartment to apartment, with different tenants having to deal with the problem, usually two or three units infested in any given week. Despite all my precautions, they have finally made it to my apartment - this whole building is a problem, with no end in sight.

I specifically inquired about bed bugs before I moved in here and what the course of action would be once they infested. Having dealt with them 3 times already since I moved to Denver I assume the worst. They are a vicious specimen.
However, I was told it would be no problem- or something to that effect. I don't recall being particularly thrilled with the answer.

So, we have them- all throughout the building. It is official.

I am currently attempting to contact the landlord to see w

hat can be done about this mess. I hope that the entire building will be properly fumigated.

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I visited my friend during 2006-2007 winter for 1 month. I got several bites and my friend told me a truth that building is infested with bed bugs. I never heard about this bugs before, but i quickly realized that this is a big problem. We spray, put silicone in the corners and cracks, but they kept coming and during night i could see some. I slept on air bed, sprayed around and with sticky substance around so i survived my 1 month visit. My friend had to hire professional company to spray his a

partment on his own expenses, it helped him but i know from him that building still has bed bugs and i know they rent apartments there already on craigslist. Beware!!! Good price for this place, but you will have to deal with blood hungry insects and manager won't help you.

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