1375 Washington St
Denver, CO 80203-2007

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Whenever water needs to be turned off they never let anyone know. I was stuck in the shower stark naked 2 times, once with soap all over me, and I'm sick of it. They don't have the courtesy to give people advance notice-no, you shower and get stuck in there without water and then you find out!

They keep renting to people who are on the sex offenders list-what is this? A half-way house?? They rent to these scum and wonder why they have to evict them later..duh. Not counting how this endan

gers tenants. #204 right now is occupied by one such 'lovely' person.

I could go on but this text box would go on for pages and pages.

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It's not just the bed bugs and the water being turned off all the time (without notice) but it is also the lazy maintenance people who don't clean the building. In the winter they wait until the snow is packed down to even try to shovel. They don't give you any warning what so ever when they are going to do repairs in the halls. One morning I was disrupted by the plumber kicking (literally) holes in my wall. They don't complete their work in a timely manor. Geez what else.....my lease is almost

up and I hope that my story will keep someone out of the hell hole!

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I live at this location as well. Not only are the bugs a problem, the water is turned off for several hours at least 4 times a week. Thursday is the third time in the last month they'll be spraying the apartments. This place should be condemned.

Several residents and I have been getting bit by bed bugs for the paste few months. Landlords response has been to have a pest generalist spray poison around the apartment and to use over-the-counter pesticides. Since the problem is widespread --I have found bed bed bugs on the hallway walls--, this is not sufficient; all this has done is spread the problem around the building. My living environment has been soaked with poison for the past couple of months now without much to show for it since t

he landlord wants to only offer a half-baked response to the issue. The building is also infested with roaches and mice. To make the problem even worse, the landlord allows our neighbor to live in an apartment with dog feces all over the floor; the pest control guy is hesitant to even try spraying the apartment. After living in this place, I can now say that I have had the experience of living under a slumlord.

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