1601 Pearl St
Denver, CO 80203-1419

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I moved into this building in mid-2010 and the building has had bedbugs the entire time. I had not personally had a problem in my apartment but the entire building has been sprayed repeatedly probably every 6 weeks. We've had to basically tear our apartments apart so they can spray the chemicals and then the process is repeated a week or so later. The first PM told me there was no problem in the bldg, it was just a preventative measure. The second PM told me there was in fact a recurring problem

with at least one tenant for the last year. Apparently that person finally moved out, however, the bldg still has two confirmed apts with the bugs. AND, mgmt is no longer spraying the bldg, just individual units. I would not recommend living in this building until they handle the problem permanently. I now have bites all down the left side of my body and am moving out as is at least one other apt occupant. Disgusting!

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I was reading my book late one evening and saw something move out of the corner of my eye. I killed the bug and then next morning got a closer look at it and compared it with pictures of bedbugs on the internet. Convinced it was a bedbug I emailed the PM and she sent someone over to spray. I confirmed with him that it was a bed bug. And after taking off all my bedding you could see the little black excrement and blood dots on my mattress and mattress cover. They have sprayed (only chemically, no

t with steam as recommended for eggs and larva) for bed bugs routinely since I have moved in over a year ago, but obviously are not getting rid of the problem. They need a new plan of action and until they get one I would not recommend moving in.

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For the last 2 months, I have been waking up with bites on me that at first I thought were mosquito or spider bites but just recently I did a thorough inspection of my box spring and sure enough, there are bed bugs in my apartment. I live in #7 and the apartment is exterminating in a couple of days. I hope this will take care of the problem, but I'm now afraid to sleep in my own bed and it's so disgusting.

Lived in #5 from Jan. 2008-Aug. 2008
Besides the building being a magnet for police drama, the bedbugs started in spring.
I thought I had hives at first & didn't figure it out until I was ready to move out!

I am covered in bites. The new ownership is cleaning rooms and such as tenants move out, but it is seriously affecting my enjoyment of the property right now. They only showed up a couple of weeks ago and it took me a while to figure out what the bites were, so I am covered in them now.

This building is disgusting, and full of bed bugs. I have had my apartment sprayed once before and these little bastards are back. The building has changed hands recently and the new owners are trying to fix it. i know for a fact apartment 1, 21, 3, and 11 have bugs. Don't move to this dump!

Woke up with small, red dots all over me. Didnt think anything of it at first until I noticed it was happening every time after I slept in MY bed. I have heard of them but never had an encounter. They are disgusting. Tossing out mattress and moving. Lots of transients find their way in. They always have luggage, good place for them to travel. If you check out that map, there are a shit ton of infestations on Cap Hill. GROSS!! APT 11

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