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What I find to be interesting is the complete ignorance dispalyed by the folks making these statements. Try doing some research before making a total a** of yourself to the public.

First off, look up the definition of "Infestation."

Second, heat does kill bed bugs, the kill temperature is 115 degree's. So when you wash all of your clothing, go to a laundry mat and use the hottest water possible. Same for the dryer, use the hottest cycle.

Thirdly, grow up. If you approach the management

staff, as I have, they will do what it takes to correct the problem. Remember, you are just as responsible for helping correct the problem.

My apartment was treated by an exterminator and the management paid for it. Within 2 weeks, the problem was gone. I did excatly as I was instucted. The management provided a checklist of what I needed to do prior to the treatment.

It's called cooperation. While no one can be blamed for bringing them into your apartment, it takes the efforts of both the resident and staff to resolve the issue.

This complex is well maintained, and clean. I can't speak for all of the people who live here, but I think it is a great place to live.

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I appreciate the colorful commentary. However, if you actually live at 300 E 17th, and have had an infestation please post specific details (as much as you feel comfortable with). That is really what the registry is for.

Thermal treatment/heat does kill them. However, I can see managment not allowing that because it can cause damage. It also must be done correctly by a professional to be successful.

I moved in end of August and have been an absolute paranoid, petrified emotional mes

s because of this. To date, I don't have them (I don't think! - no signs.) but scared to death. I am taking lots of precautions. Just hoping to make it through my lease term unscathed - but 8 1/2 more months - tempting fate?

In the end, it doesn't matter who you THINK or FEEL should be responsible for treatment and extermination. It is what the law and lease say. I believe in Colorado that is the landlord, as it is looked at like a maintenance repair. I am not an attorney however and could be wrong. There has to be better communication and cooperation btwn tenants and mngt when dealing with this.

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Also heat does NOT kill them! Also the apartments will not let you heat your apartment because it affects everyone else's.

The last comment under this post should shut the fuck up. I already know that were 5th in the states for bed bug. It's an epidemic and I know that, however apartments are somewhat responsible when we tell them what's going on and they do not do anything about it. They just sit in their fat asses in their little office fucking around all day. Do you know how much money I have lost dealing with this Shit? Over 8000 dollars. So if you have the money to give back everything I've spent dealing w

ith this shit, then you should just shut the fuck up. If you ever deal with this shitty problems then you will know exactly how I feel.

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It is unbelievable in this day and age that the residents of apartments feel that it is the management's problem. I understand if you have just moved into a place and have bed bugs, but if you are a long term resident and get bugs, YOU brought them in, not the management company. They can travel on you from bus seat, in your purse, from the movie theater, from you traveling. The fact that all residents feel the management of an apartment community should foot the bill is ridiculous, the resid

ent should be responsible. Thats just my 2 cents. Denver is number 5 in the country right now for Bed bug infestation, it does not matter how you live (people in million $$ homes have had BB) but if you prepare correctly and get exterminated (HEAT is what kills them), you should not have to throw anything away.

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My daughter lives on the 3rd floor and has been getting bitten for the past week. Today she found a bug on her mattrass and is starting to clean and vaccuum her apartment to try to prepare for extermination. I told her to call the management and have them pay for this. I feel it is their responsibility and they should have told all their tennants as soon as one apartment had them.

I live in 300 East. what building are you in and what floor if you do not mind me asking? if there is an infestation management should be responsible.

We have been living at this residence for the past 11 months and our lease will be finished this October 2010. Since August 26th we started getting bite marks all over our body. We however just thought that it's just mosquito bites. September 2nd, we were laying in our bed and I turned to my side and found this small pest crawling next to me, but right when i turned the lights on off my phone it was gone. So I freaked out and lifted our bed and there it was, all over our box springs! The Apt. t

old us that they're bombing the apartment for 150 dollars when this isn't our fault to begin with. Now, to this day September 13th we're still dealing with this. They've bombed the place, we put all of our clothes in a black trash bags, threw most of our things away, now we find them crawling in the bath tub and even books/photo albums. Please STAY AWAY FROM THIS APARTMENT, THEY MIGHT SEEM CLEAN, BUT THEY ARE INFESTED WITH BED BUGS!!!!!

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I had a horrible infestation of bed bugs and the building makes you pay for the extermination. 150 dollars for something you have absolutly no control over. I have heard of several units having the problem but managment swears that you are the only one in the building that has them!!!!! Stay away from 300 East!!!

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