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Arrived in Denver on 4 Aug 12 to see our daughter off to Navy's basic training. On the morning of the 5th I noticed red marks on the back of my wife’s neck. She said they were itching. We departed the Sheraton Hotel on 6 Aug and she complained about other red marks on her legs and arms. We notified the hotel staff of the bites and the poor housing keeping when we checked out and they assured us that the hotel manager would be in contact. The manager called the next day to inform us that th

eir exterminator had indeed found bed bugs in the room that we had. We contacted Orkin and had them come to our home and make sure that we had not brought any home and luckily we hadn't. For our compensation they gave us 4000 points on our account and reimbursed us $95.00 dollars for the inspection we had on our luggage and bed. I will never use a Sheraton Hotel again. One side note, the Orkin inspector told us that Denver is 4th in the nation for bed bugs.

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