817 17th St
Denver, CO 80202-3001

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Still bedbugs.... Floors 7 and 8 as of October 2010. Management lied to us and had us think our case was the first. Turns out both neighbors had it and they moved us in anyway.

.. think again : from the previous post about The Bank Lofts in July 2009 : there are STILL bedbugs in the Bank Lofts, and rampant !! .. I am only writing this to INFORM other Bank Lofts residents, guests, and potential renters, as we have TOO much to do right now as far as complaining - first of all about the management's DELIBERATE NEGLECT of the entire bedbug issue !! .. In addition to ALL the other rigorous tasks to accomplish in order to, at the VERY least, eradicate the bedbug infestation

from our personal belongings so we can (finally) move out of what I've deemed the "absolute worst building to live in downtown Denver - hands down !!" .. Enough said : this bedbug infestation just iced the cake for the Bank Lofts to be the COMPLETE WORST place to live, I've experienced, EVER !!! ! ..
~ August 2010

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I lived in this building, known as the Bank Lofts, from October 2007 to October 2008. I frequently saw beds being thrown out in the garbage area, which was actually situated both inside and outside the building (hard to explain) on the ground floor.

One day, someone on my floor had put a giant black couch out in the lobby by the elevators. The interior of the building is very much like a hotel with the same carpeting even. Whoever put the couch there did NOT take it to the garbage area but

left it in the common area. In garbage-picking language, I took this to mean "Hey, we moved out and couldn't fit the couch but thought someone else could use it so we left it here instead of chucking it." I mean, it was in great shape - looked new.
We dragged it into our apartment and then left.

When we got back, we sat on it and tried to figure out where to move it. My boyfriend looked down and saw a small bug on his knee. "What kind of bug is that?"

I squatted down to take a look. I had been reading about bedbugs for a long time, always dreading the possibility, so I knew that what I was looking at was definitely a bed bug, in one of the nymph stages. Yellow flat circular body with a strange dark shape in the middle.

We freaked out (of course!) and got that thing out of there as fast as we could. Once back out in the hallway, we stuck a note on it to warn others that it had bed bugs. WHY CAN'T EVERYONE DO THIS FOR EACH OTHER? And then ran back inside and crawled on our hands and knees to locate any more bugs that might have sneaked out. We found and destroyed three and paid attention for the rest of our time there and never developed our own infestation. But I'm pretty sure several of the tenants there have bed bugs. And the maintenance guy didn't seem too knowledgeable about it - said it sounded like a "baby roach"...I know better! Perhaps they have treated the place by now.

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