1825 Arapahoe St
Denver, CO 80202-1803

Found 2 reports:

Skyline Parlk Apartments are now closed and the building is befbug free.

Skyline Park Apartments.

Many tenants have bed bugs.

This has been going on since 1998.

Lots of older, low income renters dumpster dive and bring in old furniture from second hand stores and also discarded mattresses.

Some refuse to let the pest control men come into their apartments (lots of eccentric tenants).

They spray different floors weekly, but between sprayings and new infestations from junk brought in, it does little good.

The furniture in the TV room in the common are

a and office are old, cloth upholstery.

They are a magnet for bugs. They should be vinyl, or imitation leather.

Also the Halcyon House at 1955 Arapahoe Street is on the next block, across from from the Greyhound bus station, and Skyline Park is on the other block.

Both have lots of transients who sleep on the ground and sidewalks, day and night.

They add to the problem.

The park is infested with them.

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No nearby bug reports