2200 Dallas St
Aurora, CO 80010-1007

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moved in 6 months ago, to our surprise 20 cockroaches were there to welcome us to our new home, a month later, the maintenance man throwing out all the across the ways place, due to bed bugs, last week new carpet in the place above me! is there a way i can let go of the lease or have our rent re-bruised to due the bug problem, they spray or so they say every month, but as iv noticed only if you say something to the maintenance man, if to the land lords like any other maintenance, it is ignored.

Bed bugs are EVERYWHERE!!! We have gone through 3 different living room sets. We also constantly get the apartment sprayed with chemicals from different exterminators but they just come back again and again. DO NOT MOVE IN HERE!! (STAPLETON APARTMENTS)

PS. Also have lots of roaches.

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