305 Elan Village Ln
San Jose, CA 95134-2502

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Moved in this apartments about 3 months. Saw mosquito like bites all over our body (all the family members about 1 month of movein). Went to doctor who didnot provide anything conclusive other than suggesting that its not scabies.

Saw bed bugs ( looked at under magnifying glass and compared with the pictures on net) on sofa a week after and learnt how big the issue is in this country. Threw away the sofa the same day and called an inspector. He couldnot find any more evidence but confirmed th

at the kinds of bites we have is bed bugs. I think mostly sofa was infected.

No issues were faced for another 2 weeks where I got steam cleaning done but saw additional bites again. Now a days we try to wake up everyday 3-5 in the morning searching for bedbugs in our apartment to convince ourselves that its bed bug treatment is required.

Tried to order organic dust that is supposed to be very effective and perfectly okay for humans. SOme bozzo in california has made that thing illegal. Cannot imagine why ?

Read so many conflicting things on internet regarding different treatment but most seem to be either not practical as my apartment is at 3rd floor or very short term..


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