833 Front St
Santa Cruz, CA 95060-4510

Found 2 reports:

Started noticing "bug bites" on body mid september/early october 2010. After several weeks of agonizing over what on earth they could be, found confirmed bed bugs in mattress and behind electrical outlet covers. Rumored other units also having bed bugs. Also, after years of living here noticed an increase in strange citrus-ey and chemical-ey smells in hallways, which makes me wonder if many tenants are bashfully trying to self-treat their units with bug bombs or bed bug sprays. Hopefully managem

ent will address this with regard for the entire building so that everyone can return to their normal lives and sleep peacefully again.

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insect bites on body noted around beginning of october 2010. confirmed bugs in mattress and behind picture frame above head of bed in november 2010. also, rumors of other units affected in this building (st. georges apt).

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