2243 Ashby Ave
Berkeley, CA 94705-1934

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I moved into the upper apartment at 2243 1/2 Ashby Avenue at the beginning of July. Within a week or so, I started getting mysterious bites at night, and the lower unit reported they had bed bugs. Uh oh... For awhile I hoped it was fleas from the rats (yeah, really), but then one evening near in mid-to-late July I saw a definite bed bug crawling across my shirt. I immediately reported it to my landlord, who was unresponsive. Over the next couple days I caught dozens crawling on me, on my bed, on

my floor, and the walls. Finally he responded by offering us a Raid bomb to set off. Needless to say, ineffective.

Finally I got him to have a bed bug inspector come, who diagnosed all of the bedrooms as having a medium infestation. This happened mid-August. When informed of the price to actually treat the house, the landlord balked and will be coming by on August 30 with a dozen Raid bombs to fix the house.

Do not move into this house, under any circumstances.

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