2412 Piedmont Ave
Berkeley, CA 94704-2426

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I have lived in this building for over a year and would like to dispute it having bed bugs. While an individual may have had bed bugs on their bed, it was not endemic or wide spread to the rest of the house. If it was the case that there were bed bugs in 06-08, it has not continued to this date. There have been no such reports of bedbugs for as long as I can remember living here.

I lived on the second floor of this building for two years (06-08). The first year I had mice. I switched to a different room that was "better sealed" the second year. This time I had multiple leaks of nasty rusty water ruining my couch and lots of clothing in my closet, and then to top it off suffered a bedbug infestation. My boyfriend was immune, but I woke up every morning covered in dozens of itchy red bites. It was one of the most disgusting and uncomfortable periods of my life. The worthle

ss penny pinching crazy old landlord, Reza Valiyee, who I've since learned owns multiple buildings throughout the city of Berkeley, did absolutely nothing whatsoever about any of these problems, nor respond to my attempts to seek reparations. To top it off, he made us move our cars on every football game day so he could re-rent out our $100/month parking spaces to tourists for the day. He also made off with my security deposit. Stay clear of this disaster!

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