1955 San Pablo Ave
Oakland, CA 94612-1305

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This is a senior citizen facility that has a serious infestation.
One elder gentleman has been living with bedbugs for over a year. The situation became an emergency when bugs were found in his clothing during a doctor visit. There is serious concern for his health. Everything the family has done to get rid of the bed bugs has failed. When they moved him to another room, bed bugs were found there as well. The carpet was replaced in his room, but the bugs just move from old carpet in the hallwa

y back into his room. Piles of mattresses are in the yard in the back of the building. The entire building needs to have a professional bed bug exterminator fumigate it and all the furniture as well as personal belongings. This situation is particularly sad because the victims are frail elder people of limited means. I believe this property is managed by EBALDC. What agency should the family contact for help?

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