371 Columbus Ave
San Francisco, CA 94133-3907

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August 2011, Took a little "bit," like two weeks, but eventually had really bad bites on my ankles. I thought they were mosquito bites, but eventually I went treasure hunting and actually found a small colony living in the dresser. Stabbed with a knife all I could find. I know there are more rooms with the same problem since they leave the infested matresses sitting in the hallway at times. I know what to look for after this experience. They eventually get exterminator. The worst thing is some o

f these people that live here bring transients into the building. I am sure that doesn't help. Buggers gonna pay!

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I was bit the first night of a week stay and was bitten quite severely on my hands and feet. I have stayed in place with bed bugs before, but these are the worst bites I have ever had. Now I sleep with gloves on.

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