139 Blake St
San Francisco, CA 94118-3308

Found 8 reports:

I rented this place and left it.It is a dump! The landlord collects all the street junk and stores in the house and the backyard so you will be living in a dump!!

I rented a room here that had a bed included. It was a big mistake for me to rent a room here cuz there is bedbugs all over in the bed. I had maybe 50 bites my 1st night and I moved out the very next day.

I saw the report and talked to Roy Lee he told there are no bugs. There are many bugs on the walls and the place is dirty so I did not rent this place.

This place is infested with bed bugs. The only hope this place has of getting rid of them is being burnt down.

I found bed bugs in my bed here and moved out immediately.

I moved in here and asked beforehand if there were bedbugs and Roy Lee, the landlord, said no. My first night I had them crawling all over me, they were in the bed and on the walls. I left after one night and Roy wouldn't even refund any of my money, not even part of the deposit.

This whole place is completely infested with bed bugs! They are in the furniture, the carpet, the walls...everywhere!!!

Lanlord of three story rental gave me a mattress with the room when i moved in and it was full of bedbugs. I asked if I could have it cleaned and he brought another old mattress from Hos storage cellar full of bed bugs too. I had to move because the house was so dirty too. I told clean but not clean. Very dirty.

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