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I am so upset. My home is infested with bedbugs because of my stay at Ohlhoff. Why lying and hiding it from people? It is so costly to give rid of bedbugs. It's so gross.

Its still going on today and its really sick. They need to shut down this place and clean it up. I am really not happy at all to say this but its driving me buggy.

It's been an ongoing problem for years. The Henry Ohloff House has bedbugs in their upstairs living quarters.
I myself had been bitten repeatedly, all around my ankles. The maintenance man there, had actually taken a piece of tape, and caught one of these reddish blood suckers by trapping it on a piece of tape.
Before I was bitten, there were other people that had suffered the same fate.
They have had repeated infestation that I know of, since 2007 until present, and potentially longer, but I

wouldn't know about before then, as I was only witnessing from 2007-2008 and almost 2009.
Initially, the program director himself, tried to blame the incident on another entirely different problem, knowing full and well that this had already been an ongoing dilemna.
They repeatedly misinform people that they have people come in to exterminate, but all they do is set off a couple of foggers.
Numerous people have had to leave the house, as the mattresses and box springs, are recycled and kept circulating in the house.

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