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My husband and I have been living in the same apartment for about 2 and a half years in the same apartment, and have never had any problems.

A couple of days ago, my husband felt a bite while lying on the couch, and might have thought nothing of it until he saw an unusual little insect crawl across his glasses. He then pulled the couch from the wall, and saw a few more, along what looked like tiny mold spots (we later learned that these were the bedbug nests) down the side of the couch.

We luckily have a friend who works for Orkin, who confirmed that this was, indeed a bedbug infestation. We notified our resident services immediately, and they had the Terminix guys in our unit the very next day to assess the situation.

Unfortunately, this problem is a stubborn one to get rid of, and will require a little more "spring cleaning" than we had planned on. Despite the labor involved on our behalf, we are eager to do our part to prevent this from becoming and epidemic in a 13 floor building.

I am at least relieved that they will be coming in a few days to completely treat our unit, then return a couple of days after that for followup.

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We lived in an apartment on the same floor as our new apartment - we just moved down the hall. Within a week of moving in (NOTHING else changed - no visitors, nothing), I was suddenly being bitten at night, but my partner showed no bite marks. We found no evidence of bed bugs, so we tried treating for other potential causes.. until we found a live one on our couch in the living room. We are increasingly suspicious WE don't have the infestation, but that perhaps an adjoining apartment does, becau

se we only have a few bites a night and there is no "evidence" (blood drops etc) of bugs aside from the occasional live one climbing the wall or on the couch. This is an apartment building though, so we've contacted the super and are hoping the building doesn't want a bad reputation and is willing to work with us to help fund the PCO..

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