1881 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94115-3519

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I went into this KFC fast food because it was raining, and wanted to drink something while the bus was on it's way. I sat at a bar stool, and moved quickly when I saw an apparently homeless man picking things off his arm, and they moved around like small cockroaches when they hit the counter. I went to a booth in the corner and saw there were more of the creatures moving around on the seat, and there was a paper shopping bag and a black trash bag leaning against the wall there. I decided to quic

kly use the restroom and leave instead, but a seemingly homeless woman exited the restroom, brushing yet more of the creepy crawlies from her heavy coat. Yuck! I asked her what they were, and she answered bed bugs from the shelter she and her boyfriend sometimes sleep at. She said that when they notice them biting, they stay in the park across the street, and go into the KFC for free drinks and use of the facilities!

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