2708 Sutter St
San Francisco, CA 94115-2951

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I lived here from May 09 - Nov 09. I started getting bites after living there about a month. None of my other roommates were getting bitten, so we sort of ignored the issues. What a mistake! Even though we didn't discover bed bugs until October, I was consistently bitten until then. I had to launder all my clothes multiple times. I was scared to move out in fear of taking bugs with me, so I lived there with all my belongings in trash bags. I used a bath oil bugs supposedly don't like, ever

y night, in addition to putting on bug repellent, every night, but still was bitten. I began fearing going to sleep; and fearing going home. Nobody will truly understand the paranoid hell your life becomes until you've had bedbugs! Some friends were scared to hang out with me.

The landlord refused to help us exterminate, so I eventually moved. We tossed multiple mattresses, our sofa, and my new bedframe.

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