640 Clay St
San Francisco, CA 94111-2502

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I have lived here for 5 years and know of a lot more than 2 rooms with bed bugs.
I do not have any bed bugs but have very small moths
I found a nest of them and sprayed them found more and a mess they left on my cloths.
When i told the manger he said that the next day a pest cont guy would be there between 12 pm ans 2 pm he did not show and i was told i would have to what till the first of the month 12 more days .

Since the Lee family bought this and other hotels on this st all called BALM

ORAL S 3 OF THEM and one on bush st its been all down hill.

We call them the CHEAP LEES

If you dont mind dirty bathrooms after 11 am move in

see full report...

staying at the hotel and get bites at night
address is 640 clay
hotel room number is 321
dont see any but get bit

Bedbugs found in two different rooms on the first floor of this "hotel". Problem is likely widespread as this business doesn't provide maid service, most rooms are in a questionable state of cleanliness. Reported problem to San Francisco Dept of Public Health by dialing 311 from my cell phone.

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