1050 S Van Ness Ave
San Francisco, CA 94110-2616

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The address should read 1050 Van Ness Ave.

December, 2007
My friend and I just stayed at The Opal. My friend booked it through Expedia as the location was decent for a show we planned on going to. Soon after we arrived, the bedbugs came out. Not knowing what they were we stayed in the room but the beds were full of bedbugs, both adult and baby bedbugs as we later discovered what they were. My traveling companion received some nasty bites from them (and yes, I am certain that these were bedbugs after looking them up online and squashing

one full of blood post-biting my friend's arm). When we checked out, we alerted the front desk to the bugs. The gentleman there just stared at us blankly and pretty much said nothing. Well, fast forward a few weeks later- I had to throw out my sofa and treat my apt. for months because my place became totally infested. Absolutely disgusting. It was a stressful, costly and mortifying experience.

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Sep 15, 2009 my friend and I arrived at the Opal Hotel. The first thing I noticed when walking in the room was that the room looked nothing like the picture on the Internet. It was tiny. Literally 8 by 8. Barely enough room for a queen bed. So we dealt with knowing that we'd be staying like 8 hrs in the room anyways. I layed in bed first. I pulled the covers back fir my friend to lay in bed and noticed two bed bugs crawling around. It was disgusting. I pulled the blanket off even more and their

were two more babies. We immiently called the front desk. They were very polite and pretty much acted like this never happened before. They said they would
move us right away. I asked if we could have a bigger room and she didn't even hesitate. She said right away.

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“Bed Bugs!”
The Opal San Francisco

Calgary, AB
Jul 30, 2009 | Trip type: Business Thanks to the Opal my husband and I have now brought bed bugs into our house. It has been a very stressful and costly lesson to us. Please be aware of the risks of bed bug here.

Bed Bugs,....... be ware”
The Opal San Francisco

houston texas Aug 3, 2009 | Trip type: Solo travel
I just want all who seek info on this establishment that I have had medical attention after I checked out

due to bed bug bites on my head and both wrists. They were not bad but
none the less they were bed bug bites

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July 23-26 2009 LaQuinta/Opal Hotel 1050 Van Ness San Francisco, CA 94110 Room 328 or 329- family trip

I have been severely bitten by bed bugs, which resulted from my stay at the Opal Hotel (LaQuinta). I am under a doctors care and my house has been professionally exterminated as a result. (due to fear of bringing them back in my suitcase, etc.). The day I checked in I witnessed a guest complaining to Carlo (the person that checked me in) that she and her husband had several bites over the

ir body. Carlo insisted they were from the hotel's parking garage. I did not think much of it at the time as I did not have a car and was not going to be in the hotel garage. When I woke up with bed bug bites over my entire body, I spoke with Carlo (I was told he was a manager). At check in, I had no bites or welts on any part of my body. When I confronted him after sleeping at the hotel (my face, neck and arms were visibly bitten with large welts), he became very defensive and abrupt. He immediately stated 'we know how to check for bed bugs and we will let you know if they are in your room'. I was shocked. At the very least I expected he would recommend moving me to another room. When he did not, I begged him to move me to another room. He continued to refuse until he checked out my room. I knew that I could not leave my belongings in the room. I went upstairs to retrieve my suitcase, etc. and found Monica the housekeeper and a houseman 'tearing the room apart'. They even had taken the head board off the wall. As I walked in the room, Monica looked at me and her immediate response was "I have to get you out of here'. She instructed the houseman to start packing my belongings. That evening I returned to the hotel and was told by a Desk Agent that I was moved to another room. He admitted to my sister and me that he had been bitten severely by bed bugs, since working at the Hotel Opal, and he had more bites than me.
FYI, my doctor counted 70 bites on my right arm, 23 on my forehead, 18 on my head, over 20 on my buttocks, several on my legs and back. It has been three weeks and I am still healing. I have ongoing histimic reactions to the bites. The worst part is there is nothing a person can do, but take antihistimine (very bad for the liver) and keep covered in ointments. Please be warned that you are endangering yourself and/ or friends. This
on tripadvisor...on JULY 30,2009..another guest writes she has brought bed bugs into her home and been bitten after her stay at the Opal Hotel in San Francisco..same address as where I stayed...4 days apart.

Please remember the desk clerk told us he had even recently had a severe case of bed bugs bite just from working at the hotel.

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