655 Hyde St
San Francisco, CA 94109

Found 5 reports:

Tired of this!!! Not a controlled pest system!!!! I can't have visits because I think they'll get infested too!!! Nice but expensive remodeled full of bedbugs!! Moving Out!!! And Yes!!! i must dump bed, linens and clothes...

Sick of bed bugs!!! I'm moving out!!!! Is a shame the manager and the landord do not take care of this!!!! Halls an service stairs are plagued!!

Bed bugs all around. It seems there are not a systematic pest control. I'm moving out!!

Bedbugs in the hall's carpet and service exits!!! I'm affraid their comming to my apartment!!!... It seems we have pest control but not all tenant autorized this... I'm thinking in moving-out!!!

7 bugs killed on sunday, 6am- 11/24/07, this is the 4th or 5th infestation in the last five years at this address.

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