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These THREE roommates took possession of the apt. unit in question in July/August 2007. After the previous tenant had vacated the unit, the unit was cleaned thoroughly, top to bottom,
spot-painted and the floors were re-polished.

I occupy the unit next to theirs. My family owns this building where we live and this tenant was aware of that. Not once did they come to me or notify me of any bed bugs in their unit. The only way I found out that they had problems was when I noti

ced the cleaning crew in their unit on a Saturday morning. I called our property manager on the following Monday and they got to the bottom of it right away.

What they did fail to tell you was that they were graduates of a local University and, according to news reports during the Summer of 2007, had problems with bed bugs in their dorms. It is a very good possibility that these bugs hitched a ride onto their clothes and bedding and made their way into the apt. unit. Neither I nor any of the other tenants (particularly the tenant directly below this tenant) have had any problems. Previous tenant did not have any problems, either.

My family has owned this apartment building since the mid 1940's. I grew up here, married here and raised children here. Our family takes pride in our property. It has been seismically retrofitted with steel beams, all copper plumbing, brand new wiring with circuit breakers, new paint, roof and a courtyard to die for. We are located in a very desirable part of the City (Polk & Chestnut Street/Russian Hill). As any inspector would tell you (especially our insurance inspector) our building reflects pride of ownership and we are far from being "slum lords" that this article makes us look like.

I resent the fact that this report was made without giving us the opportunity to reply to it before it's posting.

I find their report slanderous not only to our property manager but to our family as well.

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1105 Post St, The Merritt Hotel

The whole building is infested. Many of the buildings on the same block are, or so I am told. The problem starts from the large hotel above up on Van Ness and goes all the way down Post to almost Union Square, infecting many of the hotels and buildings along the way.

When I moved in I asked if there was a problem and was told that there wasn't.

They lied.

They'd been spraying for over 2 years for them at that point.

Staying in the area at all, re

nting an apartment there, you risk being exposed.

The entire area, and most of the rest of the edge of the Tenderloin area up and over to Polk and California and even further is infected.

Most of the hotels in the area, the weekly rooming houses, they are all battling bedbugs.

NOT a good place to live if you want to avoid them.

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Apt 6, Fall 2007
I had unusual bug bites, so I looked around online and suspected bed bugs. I called our building\'s property management, Amore Real Estate, but they were slow to act, so I continued calling several different pest control companies in the area. Pestec Pest Control, which I found from a Yelp review, responded immediately and came to do an inspection. The company seems to have a unique specialization in handling bed bugs, and they have a specially trained dog that sniffs them out.

Well, Lady, the dog, found bed bugs in my room, and it turns out that the problem had originated quite some time before that in a former roommate\'s room, adjacent to mine, unbeknownst to me and the other roommate.
After some serious difficulty with Amore and debate amongst myself and the roommates (mostly over the high price of treatment and the trouble involved), we decided to have Pestec treat our apartment. They bagged and removed some furniture and large objects for us, disassembled and steam-treated other furniture and large objects, caulked and sprinkled diatomaceous earth along perimeter baseboards and mouldings and outlets, and left sticky traps behind. It took us and 3 technicians and a dog 3-4 hours; they were pretty thorough.
I comparison shopped before settling with Pestec. They were expensive, but they also had the most comprehensive services and treatment plan, and they didn\'t use harmful chemical pesticides and sprays. From my research at the time, Pestec (being one of the only companies that had dealt with bed bugs) was the most experienced and knowledgeable in this field.
We had two follow up inspections, and we ended up finding another bed bug, but Pestec came back and re-treated for no charge.
Additionally, I feel inclined to mention the extra hours and expenses we spent reorganizing and cleaning the apartment and laundering and dry cleaning most of our clothing and linens. Oh yeah, and the extra ordeal my roommates and I went through with the costs, battling Amore\'s management and consulting tenant\'s rights and lawyers, not to get into the stress and paranoia.

This is a useful link: http://www.dph.sf.ca.us/eh/pubs/BbReg.pdf

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