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My roommate and I have lived in this apartment for almost two years at 565 Geary. They have regular pest control, and the landlord and manager are lovely guys. My roommate has a loft bed that was hard to climb into, so she liked sleeping on the couch a lot. About 2 months ago she started getting horrible bites all over, and I never had any. But when my boyfriend would come stay over, he would wake up in the morning with bites all over. Since i still never had any bites, I thought he was all

ergic to my detergent or something, we had never heard of bed bugs being a present issue, and didnt even know they existed still! Soon i started seeing them in my room, and immediately called our landlord, and it turned out were infested. We just fumigated, and cleaned the bejeezus out of our place. I threw away half my clothes and furniture. We just fumigated, and will have to again. Ive barely slept for a week just packing everything we own into bags or tossing them. I spent about $300 on new pillows, bb proof covers for my box spring and mattress, and new bedding. Our couch is getting picked up this week. Ive still seen one scuttle around yesterday, and i freaked the hell out and killed it. My skin crawls at night with the thought of bed bugs in my room. Were fumigating again in 10 days. Im exausted at work.

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I lived here a few years ago and had to move out after the entire building became infested with bedbugs. They were everywhere. I remember another tenant telling me that they would be crawling across her coffee table as she watched tv. They attempted to spray my apartment multiple times but it never worked. I ended up moving out and throwing away about $3000 worth of furniture and furnishings. I spent weeks freezing or hot-water washing/boiling everything I had left. Till this day the paranoia gr

ips me when I see a dark spot anywhere in the bed or beddings, or if I have a bug bite. They are a horrible infestation. I have bug powder guarding all entrances to my new place.

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