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A few years ago, a frind on my floor of Mosser Towers, Eddy St. side, told me that she had heard that some neighbors had bed bugs, and that they had spread to her apartment, and she was moving out. She did, and I didn't think much about it, until three months ago when I sawI saw some bugs on my bed. I convinced myself they were just cockaaroaches, but mentioned it to the exterminator, who said that yes, it was bed bugs, but just a mild case, easyily gotten rid of. He also said that I should g

et rid of My large Oyster bed.
I reported this to the manager, who gave me a list of things to do in preperation for the treatment. I mentioned the bed (which is to large to carry out the door. It was assembled in my room> He said "that's your responsibility. We are doing our half. You have to do your half."
I asked how and he said "do you have any freinds?"
I said "No."
Well, I do have friends, but none that are able and willing to rip apart and carry out a bed bug infested wodden frame and carry it down the elevator and away in a truck to I don't know where.
After days of little sleep trying to do all the other things I was told to do to prepare the apartment, I bought a hammer and, though I am no caprenter, I tried to rip apart the bed frame. I threw some chunk down the to small garbage chunks, ad the next day, they locked the chute (it blocks easily.)
I carryed some more hunks down the elevator, probably spreading the disease, and [ut it by the dumpster in front of the building. They told me not to put it there.
They sparayed again. I could no longer sleep on the bed,m so I sle[t by the poorly ventilated bathroom, full of bug spray. I have asma and advanced liver disease, and havd trouble sleeping.
The next day, beyond exasuted, I went into the office and sobbed hystricaly. They sent a guy up with a cart, but no hammer or broom or dustpan. I had to lend him mine.
The three treatments were completed. I had the carpet cleaned and treated out of my own pocket. I used foggers and went way for a week. I threw away more stuff than some people have evr owned.
I am still getting bitten.
It would be better for me if future treatments (if they do any) be on Mondays, because my partner can help me prepare, but only on weekends. They scedule them at thiere convieienince, on short notice, mainly on Friday.I have fatigue and learning disabilities which make it hard for me to organize things.
At this point, I think at least the floor, if not the building, is infested. I would certainly mve if I could afford it, or, short of that, hire my own exterminator (preferably with a dog) but I can't afford it.
That's my tale of woe. I am not shure what to do ext, but I hope I have helped somebody.

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