516 Ellis St
San Francisco, CA 94109-8103

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September 2014 - This building has bed bugs. Management does monthly pest inspections to find and treat any infested apartments, and this month they found a bug in my 5th-floor apartment. They have since also tried to start treating the apartment next door.

They have done a steam cleaning and 3 pesticide treatments at no cost to me. Management seems like they are definitely trying, but I'm worried that not all of the tenants being treated will follow the (very time-consuming) instructions to

prepare for treatment.

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This building is infested! After one round of exterminating, they could not find the infestation, but my girlfriend and I continued to get bit at night. Today, I found the infestation...in the wall.

I moved out of the Cadillac because of their lax treament towards bed bugs and the incredible mean
director there. She is completely unresponsible, almost dead. And here on Ellis, the management is at least trying to get rid of this darn things

apartment infested. cannot find the infestation. landlord unresponsive to multiple complaints.

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