1155 Ellis St
San Francisco, CA 94109-7617

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10/2009, 1st floor - The manager refuses to abide by SF dept of public health regulations and will not inspect nor treat apts. next door to infested apts. The problem appears to be growing therefore, slow response time to bedbug complaints is also a problem; it took him over a week to address the issue, and he had to be phoned repeatedly. When he does call pest control, he uses the cheapest possible expedient, resulting in toxic fumes and a return of the vermin. There are senior citizens sufferi

ng in this building, alone and ignored by the unresponsive management. He has lied and said he would treat and inspect apartments next door yet done nothing, has been contacted already by SF Dept of Public Health and seems to enjoy ignoring all of this. There have been multiple cases already at this location, all with the same sorry result, the problem is spreading throughout the building. Beware!

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