615 Leavenworth St
San Francisco, CA 94109-7517

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In Sept 2012 I moved into this building. Within a week I had several bug bites. I had no idea what the cause was. Since my husband wasn't being bit, I thought it must be occurring outside of the apt building. After much investigation, however, we discovered that it was bed bugs. I told the landlord, who took TWO WEEKS to get anyone out to look at the apartment. They set up traps, then took another 2 or 3 weeks to come collect the traps. Each night during this time, I was getting more bites. Afte

r it was confirmed we had bed bugs, I was blamed for bringing them in. The landlord said I must have brought them in when we moved. I said we didn't have any at the last place we lived. He said we must have brought them in with the moving truck. We used my grandfather's flatbed truck to move, and no one else in my family has bed bugs. He wanted us to pay for a one night hotel stay while the apt was treated. WTF? No. We took it out of the rent. We were told after one treatment they would be gone. They weren't. It took 3 treatments. This issue was not resolved until late January 2013. 4 months of hell. Before the landlord would bring in any bug guys, he came in and did some spray thing himself. Bed bugs are notoriously hard to kill. A spray isn't going to work! He and his wife (partner? I don't know) would always enter the unit, and other units, without notice, without permission. This guy needs to be sued.

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This website performs no verification regarding the validity of the accusations. I can prove that comments about 615 Leavenworth Street are false. For someone who is new to a city, they may have been told to use this website believing it carries some official standing. However, it doesn't. This is a collection of postings that the author of the website does nothing to verify, yet blacklists properties. There is no notification to the owners of the properties that their properties are being d

efamed and blacklisted.

The other problem I have with this website--it singles out a particular issue which may have been tenant induced and then blacklists the property in perpetuity. They may also be depriving people as a result of this process, of finding a home. This is not the American way. We have a system of checks and balances, which relies on the rule of law. A good example of this -- let's suppose a credit bureau used the same criteria -- words from people that are unsubstantiated, and then refused to alter one's credit report because the information was false. In actuality, the credit bureau once you resolve the issue would not keep your credit defamed in perpetuity. With a credit bureau, there is a method of contacting them and speaking to an individual. I have emailed the website's owner and yet all I get is a resounding silence.

In the United States, we have a tennant of our justice system which allows us to face our accusers.

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This is untrue . There is no bedbug infestation at 615 Leavenworth in any apartment. Regarding #506 there was never a bedbug infestation. Regarding the false accusation that the unit number is changed that is false. I have scientific data that proves the point. Also please remember that bedbugs are usually the result of people transporting these bedbugs from another location. They are called 'hitchhikers'.
In other words they are tenant induced. However the Landlord has to correct the problem.

To accuse someone of altering the unit number to disguise the issue is libelous. Unless there is solid proof that this unit number was altered by Friday September 9th at 5 P.M., there will be legal action persued. Remember this just because someone says something it doesn't mean it is true.

Every unit and the common areas of this property are inspected monthly by a reputable pest control to 'PREVENT' issues not correct them.

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Be warned that the bedbug infested unit at 615 Leavenworth may no longer be called "#506". It may have changed to another number. In any case, it is on the top floor with a back-facing window and is located next to the back stairs on the laundry-room side of the building.

I used to live in what WAS apartment 506, but have been receiving notices from people who have tried to send mail to me at the old address that unit 506 does not exist. Because of this, my mail is not being properly forward

ed. I suspect the landlord of changing the unit number from 506 to something else in an attempt to conceal the bedbug problem.

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Apartment 506 has Bedbugs! Do not move into this unit unless you see a report from the health department sayig that the problem has been completely resolved. I had to move out because the problem persisted for over 2.5 months. The landlord first attempted to treat the problem with home remedies which were ineffective. The problem persisted and he began to be unresponsive to my phone calls. After two months of dealing with bites and losing night after night of sleep, I finally spent $200 of my ow

n money and hired my own pest inspector to come out and find the issue. The inspector quickly found the nest in one of the walls. When I told the landlord he attacked me by saying I was "double dealing" "going behind his back" and that I had no right to hire my own inspector. He seemed to believe that I was out to get him and literally said he thought he was the victim despite the fact that I had been paying for an uninhabitable apartment for two months. So I called the health department and they confirmed that the apartment is infested with bed bugs. I strongly urge against moving into the building unless the department of health (not the landlord) can furnish you with proof that the issue has been resolved.

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