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My roommates and I made the incredibly poor decision of bringing in an armchair from the sidewalk. Granted, this chair was pretty dang cool but we should have given it more though. Days after we introduced this chair I began waking up with awful, horribly itchy bites all over my body. My roommate also began to get these bites a couple days later. We put up with this for about a month but realized we had a serious problem after doing some research online. We then spoke to our landlord who acted i

mmediately in helping us. She brought in pest control, we had to pack up pretty much EVERYTHING in our apartment, they visited us twice for treatments and the bugs were eliminated. They are supposed to spray once a month for three months but we did a really good job at preparing our apartment for treatment so it wasn't necessary a third time.

Awful experience that was dealt with REALLY well by our management company.

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