840 Geary St
San Francisco, CA 94109-7228

Found 1 report:

4th floor, front of building. Positively Identified bedbug critter on 2/19 by Omega Pest Control. Senior person there was very knowledgeable. Had been a very infrequent issue since April 2009, with frequency increasing greatly around December 2009.

Manager has been responsive but not fully aware of owner/landlord responsibility to respond within 48 hours with Plan of Action and execution of plan within 72 hours (3 days). He states that no other units have complained, though the Pest

Control person informed me that there had been treatment for bed bugs in the building before. 2nd floor in the back, which is the side of the building I was on prior to moving to my current place.

They are only treating my apartment, though SF Dept Of Public Health mandates inspection and treatment of adjacent units as well

Though I caught two critters, there is very little evidence of infestation (shells/husks/feces). Wondering who else in the building may have a problem and hasn't reported it.

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