1091 Bush St
San Francisco, CA 94109-6211

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This is aweful! My husband and I have lived in appt. 510 at 1091 Bush st. since June and have discovered bed bugs. Come to find, the whole building has been dealing with these infestations. Despite that the owners and management seemed to try to ignore what we were experiencing until it got to be an obvious problem and we brought them a bug in a jar!
We have thrown away sooo much stuff and have had to was everything and bag everything in plastic bags. The problem is - how do I know we are not

going to have them again if the neighbors have them and they are spreading through the walls????
What do we do??? Are the pestcontrol treatments and all of our efforts going to work??
If any one has a success story or any info on living bed-bug free please write.
Thanks, Lisa

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