845 Sutter St
San Francisco, CA 94109-6168

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I've lived in these apartments for a year and a half and never had any problems with bed bugs until about two months ago. We literally captured bed bugs in containers and had to call the leasing agency multiple times before action was taken. They are very nonchalant about bed bugs. We have been displaces for over a month due to the infestation and they refuse to do anything to compensate us, or comp our rent due to the issue. They were very helpful in getting the pest control scheduled once we f

ound and mentioned San Francisco bed bug laws and made them aware we knew the law. Also said we were responsible because we brought them in, pest control said there is no way we brought them in.

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I asked if the place had bedbugs when I moved in and I was told "no." Now, I'm receiving a notice to say they are inspecting. I've been in buildings with bedbugs before. Now, it's a matter of time before I lose everything. The tone of the letter implies renters are to blame, not those responsible for handling the situation. They've been here 2 years!

I recently moved out of the Buckingham Apartments and found that bedbugs had begun to infest my bed, a few of my boxed books and a plastic storage container. It was not a happy experience but I'm glad I found them upon move out instead of move in. Nasty.

I lived there for 2 years. This building in infested with bedbugs and the management is not willing to do anything about it. Don't move here!

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