1167 Bush St
San Francisco, CA 94109-5919

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The management does not communicate direct answers. The usual answer is that we're ONLY doing what we are told to do. Really. And believe me what they are told to do is almost the minimum and with no conscience nor common sense. They are not proactive in ridding the building of bed bugs.

Does anyone have the building management informtion for this building? I can not find it listed.I lived here a long time ago and wanted to see if anything is available. Loved the cute studios. Thanks

The person reporting about the bedbuds in 06/11 was a real pain in our apt complex. Yes, like many apt complexes here in SF we did have them BUT our landlords were involved and taking care of the situation in a very legel, professional manor, from the start! There are no longer any begbugs here in our complex and amazingly the one tenent who was screaming "fire, fire, you shouldn't move in here" the whole time, is still here and all is well.

Great Landlords, Full complex--though some think t

he world revolves around them, and them only. Ah, the world today.

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Mid-June and now there are about ten apartments out of 42 infested with bedbugs. RENTER BEWARE!
Management and Owner can offer no updates or even communication. Rumors and conflicting stories are all that is heard. No one will take ownership of this problem. Tenants are pretty much on their own. Who in their right mind would want to live here?

Its June 2011 and the bedbug problem is still present at 1167 Bush St. DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS BUILDING! Management and Owner have been aloof and contradictory when questioned about any treatments that may or may not have occurred. There are many unhappy tenants here and people are vacating their apartments. RENTER BEWARE!

This building has bedbugs...since December 2010. Management and owner have mishandled the situation, choosing shame and embarassment over prevention and aggresive treatment. Management has yet to fully disclose or communicate with tenants the extent of this problem. What started in 3 apartments is now in 12 apartments...due to the management's inaction. DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS BUILDING...ever. It's a living nightmare being run by inept people with no end in sight. Mis-information, wrong infor

mation, no information...that is the management style at 1167 Bush Street

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Bedbug problem is happening now! There may be many vacancies in the next few months if management and owner don't take an aggressive approach to end this problem. They are quite passive and are trying to keep it quiet but now almost everyone is aware. Renters beware!

Be very carefully moving to this building. There is an outbreak of bedbugs due to one hoarder tenant. It is spreading and management has been slow to respond and owner as well.
Problems is on going.

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