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One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

Please remember this site does not check the veracity of any bedbug reports.

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This latest report is untrue. Should you have any questions about pest control, please call manager of building, phone number is listed below. This site is a tool for malicious, unsubstantiated, exaggerating, rumor mongering malcontents. It is "run" by a "a painter and computer guy" who never visits any of the buildings he allows to be listed, nor does he "have the time" to remove any building, even though they don't have a post for over 2 years, and are still being listed on Google for anyo

ne to see and be paranoid about. He is hurting good landlords for his own ego, and pocketbook, since he sells "bedbug remedies" on his site.

see full report...

at least 5 unit has been infected with bedbugs dont move in unless you get a written guaranty from the land lord

At this time there are no units with bedbugs at this location. A memo was sent out in early November asking tenants to notify management of any pest activity, so that management could identify and take appropriate action. Crane Pest Control has been instrumental in inspecting/treating any apartment, and also inspecting/treating any adjacent apartment necessary. Please call management at (415) 771-6532 to view all documentation of pest control at this location.

numerous apartments with bed bugs, infested.

11/11/09 The building manager gave a memo to residents that "a few" apartments have had cases of bed bugs.

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