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Update to 08.03.2011 post below. Terminex came and treated our bedroom for the 2nd time. Building manager has been very responsive in getting Hogan & Vest to pay for and schedule treatments. Will post again if any more bugs or bites are seen.


5th floor. Reported bed bugs a few months ago, maybe april, landlord was responsive and we had 1 treatment. Of course the bed bugs came back, and it's been a battle trying to get treatment for the 2nd time. Hogan and Vest owns the building and the landlord said they have been extremely slow in responding to this outbreak. 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th floors have reported them. A guy on the 3rd floor is hoarding them and won't allow exterminators to come in, which is completely illegal.

Landlord is trying to get treatment in this weekend, but if Hogan and Vest don't respond and act, I might just pay for the treatment myself and take it out of the rent.

I have also been in contact with a rep from the SF department of public health, and he has sent Hogan and Vest a notice of violation for their incompetence. I will be contacting the landlord and the department of public health soon to see if anything is moving forward.

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We live on the 5th floor of the apartment building with about 30 or so rooms. We have been getting bites for about a month. We thought they were mosquitos until recently when we were up late one night and saw a bed bug. We caught it and showed it to the building manager on a Tuesday and he claimed he would make an appointment for an exterminator for Saturday (tomorrow). I was just informed he still hasn't made that appointment and that upsets me.

He had also told us that there have been othe

r people in the building who have reported seeing bed bugs as well, and one account of a person on what I THINK is the 3rd floor who is HOARDING them and refuses to let someone come in and exterminate. This REALLY upsets me. Especially since he has heard reports and seemingly has done nothing about it. Plus it is THE LAW to exterminate them.

I will see if the exterminator comes on Saturday, but if not I will have to be forced to enforce the law. I don't want to move and I know that is the worst thing I could do at this stage, but I need to see results. This is frustrating and ridiculous.

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