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San Francisco, CA 94109-5504

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My name is Benedict J Harrisson, and I am the Resident Manager at the Merit Hotel...

The report above by "Marty" is a complete fabrications and untrue!!
I don't even have any records of a "Marty" staying at my hotel during that period in June, or at any other time within a few months prior or after!?

If you want to find out about my Hotel, why don't you come by for a visit and be your own judge of the cleanliness of my building and of its tenants... which some of them have been res

iding here since 1994, or for 10+ years as for myself and other tenants.

Please, don't believe all the negative & vengeful blog others write on this site, and were probably evicted of my hotel for other reasons & infractions.

Thank you for your time.

Kind regards.

Benedict J Harrisson
Resident Manager at the Merit Hotel

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My room and 2 other people's rooms at this apartment became absolutely infested. The manager refused to believe any of us(all staying in separate rooms) and the manager blamed the bug problem on me saying it was my fault. But I heard him talking on the phone in his office about a collection of mattresses he had in the storage area of the hotel that were "absolutely infested with bed bugs"
My room was completely and totally infested. Every night I was getting 40-50 bites.

The 3rd person w

ho got the bites was a Female resident and the manager(a male) demanded she show him the bites, but most of them were in very close vicinity to her private areas and he demanded to see these areas on her. When she refused he implied that she was making this up to try to sue him and get free rent.

I had to move out of this place, and I only stayed as long as I did because it was extremely hard at the time to move at the time.

When the infection was at its' worst You could see 20 to 30 bugs on the walls, and almost 50 bugs on the sheets of the bed. I had never seen anything like it; it was like a 3rd world country.

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my story is the same as the rest. Had severe allergic reaction to the fuckers! reported immediately to the resident manager, at hotel merit on 9/22.

The hotel co. and resident manager (and i have to say I had my doubts out first) have been ever diligent in getting rid of them.

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