1005 Hyde St
San Francisco, CA 94109-4916

Found 6 reports:

Landlord has left a couch in the lobby since Thursday 12/9/10- he says it has bed bugs and will remove Monday. Why was it not removed from the building Thursday? Let's all call 311 or Norm Castro (below) and be united in this against the landlord. Maybe this time we can catch the problem sooner.


See that the details in this website say:

If you’re renting in another type of multi-unit building in San Francisco, you can re

port bed bugs by calling Norma Castro at 415-252-3805.

If you’re in an SRO and have bed bugs, please call 311.

see full report...

Suspect that bed bugs are still in the building. Heard the landlord has been spraying apts himself??? Isn't that illegal?

Landlord was doing great at this building. However, one apt still has em! And he, is not attempting to have that apt retreated. Said that we would have a follow up meeting to see how the spraying and sealing of base boards was working. It has been months, no meeting. Quite frankly, I think that the person who still has them, is going to spread them to the rest of the building again!

I wanted to update my posting since I couldn't figure out how to edit it. The landlord of this building has been pro-active in getting infected units sprayed, working with tenants on education and communication, and other things such as sealing up cracks and crevices. I personally moved out last month, but that was in part a long-planned move and I understand the landlord has continued in efforts to eradicate the problem.

Infestation now confirmed to at least 10 apartments out of about 21 or so. Tenants are organizing and hoping to force landlord to have inspection of all units not already being treated.

There are at least 3 units in this building being treated for bedbugs and I only happened to find that out because a friend is one of them. I suspect I have them and have contacted my landlord. He has responded to the other complaints but doesn't seem to be doing anything in a building-wide, concerted effort.

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