955 Hyde St
San Francisco, CA 94109-4804

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Though the apartments themselves are well taken care of, the building and common areas are not.

Low and behold, despite the 1500 a month rent, bedbugs all over this place.

I noticed them in the hallway, called about it.
Fearful they would make their way into my apt, I called several times...

Came home from work one evening, saw one crawling on the wall and went nuts.
I called my own pest control company (Orkin), and they confirmed they were in fact bed bugs.
Note to those wondering

- spot treatments do NOT kill them. Neither does treating on an apt by apt basis. If they're in one unit, they're all over.

Proof positive? My entire unit had to be dismantled, everything taken out of closets, mattress and boxspring thrown out -
Even AFTER the unit was "treated" by a company the management sent in... the bugs remained.
They are in fact, in the walls, and under the floors coming from neighboring units that were not, and ARE not being treated.

I actually have to be moved out of the apartment and re leased in another property.
Do NOT believe for one second that treating an apt one time with spray will do anything.
They will come back in a few days, and most probably won't even die. They wiggle into cracks and walls and hide there then reappear.

Again, if they are in unit, they are ALL OVER. It's just a matter of time before you have them too.

I have never been more disgusted by something in my life - pray you NEVER have to deal with this.

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