1355 Leavenworth St
San Francisco, CA 94109-4016

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Since our last posting, the management sent Terminix to check for bed bugs. They are now monitoring the situation with sticky strips to see if the pest return. We hope that the bedbugs don't come back. We disposed of our mattress and box spring in hopes that it was the source and hope to never seeing another bed bug again. We also used two different sprays that so far have worked. We went to a hardware store to buy their most potent spray. We hope the other tenants alert management as soon

as possible if they see bed bugs and try to handle it themselves because it takes management a long time to respond. Other tenants may inadvertently spread the problem to other apartments like I have read by other people on this web site. Professionals are supposed to take care of these pests, but we couldn't wait for them to appear again and bite us.

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When we reported a bed bug problem to the management, they took eleven days later to respond. And, the management has allowed two tenants we suspect of spreading bed bugs to continue to their unhealthy practices. In the meantime, we are waiting for a call from management to let us know when an exterminator is coming. We have bought bug spray, wash our clothes in hot water, continually mopped, and any other recommendations made to us by the city's health department. The most costly thing we d

id was buy a new mattress and box spring and covered them both with a bed bug proof cover.

We will let this web site know when the exterminator comes. By the way, the management seems to think this is an isolated incident. However, by reading the postings on this web site, the bugs will spread to other units if an exterminator doesn't come.

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