1450 Clay St
San Francisco, CA 94109-3911

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The first bite I noticed was on July 29, 2011 on my right upper thigh. I thought it might have been a spider bite. The next bites were on my left inner forearm close to the elbow and it was a series of 2-3 bites. I still thought it was a spider.

The following night, I was bit about 12 times on my right forearm, on the elbow area and on the back of my neck. That's when I started doing research online and discovered their bitting patterns. When analyzing my bites, I discovered it had the bedbug

pattern of 3 bites close to one another. I checked the bed for skin sheddings or blood stains (their excrement). I couldn't find any. I shook my sheets and went to sleep. The following morning I found and captured one adult bedbug, it wasn't full, so I assumed it hadn't fed. I accidentally drowned it when trying to test its resistance to water.

I may have received another series of 5 bites on my right elbow after the drowning. I have not seen any other adult bedbugs since. The only two other possible sightings took place before the drowning and they may have been nymphs.

It is now August 15 and there have been no new sightings. The psychological effect these bedbugs have had on me have me questioning every itch I feel. I cannot determine with complete certainty whether or not I have received new bites since August 11.

I haven't contacted anyone about this yet, I came across this registry and noticed my building has reports dating back to March 2010.

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BAck in Feb. 2010 noticed bites, finally March I got a positive diagnosis for bed bugs.
Total nightmare.
Still bites everynite.

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