1369 Hyde St
San Francisco, CA 94109-3803

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I have lived in the building for 5 years. I recommended a friend of mine to look at an apartment for rent in this building, and they told me about this site, and that there was negative comments on the building. I looked you up and was surprised at the one posting in Oct. 2010. The management is diligent in addressing issues and keeps the building very clean. My unit has hardwood floors. It is not an old and dirty building, but quite the opposite. We had a bedbug incident in the fall of 2

010. This was the first time since I lived in the building. My unit was treated twice with heat. The manager responded quickly. So far so good, no more incidents. This is a great building, and well kept. Stuff happens.

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Absolute infestation. My own apartment had to be treated 3x in the fall of 2010, with up to 7 apartments affected as well. Building is carpeted, older, and with high turnover they have yet to rid themselves of them. DO NOT MOVE HERE - it is truly a nightmare

Bed bug sighted September 2009. Heat treatment of effected apartment and nearby apartment appeared to address problem. Continued high risk as large building has constant turnover of tenants and old bedding often left next to building on Washington St. Observed bedding wrapped in plastic in service areas several times since initial incident.

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