730 Stockton St
San Francisco, CA 94108-2313

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It has been nearly a month since my previous posting, I got rid of my bed frame, the exterminator has sprayed pesticides three times, and I'm still getting bedbug bites!

Moved in to a fourth floor unit in this building -- now four months later I found out my new bed has been infested with bed bugs.

laundry mat is disgusting. found two more bed bugs... it's only a matter of time til all the tenants have them because they're not aware of them.

I found a dead one on my roommate's sock right after she walked into the laundry room with her socks on.

Am I allowed to post something signs in the laundry room, like lysol the whole place down or something. douce it with DE...

I found a couple dead ones lying around in the laundry room what should I do?

I moved into a stuido on the 3rd floor of this building in July 2008. Soon after I started getting terrible bug bites, but assumed they were from mosquittos, since the windows didn't have screens. However, I actually saw a bedbug during daylight hours one day, Googled it and started to put the pieces together.

The landlord was not very sympathetic, but did call an exterminator. Upon talking to the exterminator he informed me that the unit above me was the worst investation he had ever se

en- that there were tons of bedbugs crawling all over the floors and walls during the day (and these are nocturnal bugs). He told me that I would never be able to get rid of them in my unit because they were coming down through the walls, and the pigs living above me were not doing anything to address the issue. I had to move out 6 weeks after signing my lease, and leave behind a lot of furniture.

It was definitely one of the worse experiences of my life and I literally still have nightmares about it. Do NOT move into this building!

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The landlord told a tenant I know that an apartment on the second floor had a serious bedbug infestation. The following week, the tenant I know noticed that all the furniture, that belonged to the tenant whose unit was infested, was out on the street. It seems that there is also a cockroach infestation.

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