1302 Taylor St
San Francisco, CA 94108-1014

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We've lived in this building for 3 years and have had no reports of bed bugs. The sad thing is that they are every where in San Francisco, and it's a legitimate fear when living in most apartment buildings. It's important not to pick things up off the street! I had a friend who lives down the hill a little ways, pick up a cute night stand, and shortly afterwards got bed bugs. Those little buggers don't care if you're rich or poor, they just leach on and make your life a living hell! The report o

n this website scared me, but after speaking to numerous neighbors in the building, and hearing no reports from any of them, I felt much safer. The management company has been pretty responsive with other maintenance requests, so god forbid I pick them up somewhere, I feel pretty safe that they will give me proper treatment.

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We also had bedbugs in our unit and until reading the other post thought we were alone. We noticed ours a few months after that post date. They were coming out of the walls.

Property management was responsive though pest control sprayed only half our apartment once; per most experts three sprays is standard. If I knew what i know now i would have requested at least three sprays because they came back.

Be warned, there are bed bugs in Upper Nob Hill. The property managers at 1302 Taylor Street are responding appropriately to reports of the pests and have sent a competent exterminator to treat affected aparments.

However, some tenants are behaving in ways that can spread the bugs. Also, there are 18 units in the building, and some tenants may have the bugs but not realize it. So beware.

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